Top 5 places to visit in Italy

Italy is one of the most visited places on Earth, and yet it still manages to surprise us with its beauty. The place where once grew a mighty Roman Empire, and a home to many artists, musicians, composers, actors, directors, and scientists, Italy offers a stunningly vast option of places you can visit. It was hard to choose, but here are the top five places to visit in Italy.

#1 Italian Lake District

lakes - Top 5 places to visit in Italy

Ancient Romans were the first to explore the idea of building a tourist offer on Italian lakes. The famous ones, like Lake Como, Lake Garda or Lago Maggiore (which means “Big Lake”), makes an exciting tour for both first-time visitors and the ones that I’ve been to Italy. The northern part of the Lake District ends with mountains, while the southern part is flatter than the north. This will give you breathtaking scenery and views to enjoy.

#2 Venicevenice - Top 5 places to visit in Italy

It may sound like a cliche, but you can’t get enough of visiting Venice. Thanks to its unique position (the city rests on a lagoon), this archipelago will give you a mixture of tradition, history, and Italian lifestyle, all in one. And it’s a special place for all the lovebirds in the world, too. Don’t forget the Grand Canal or a gondola ride, because that’s something Venice is known about.

#3 Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is a name which stands for five villages that are located on a steep, rocky side of the Mediterranean coast. It was impossible to reach the area until a railway came along. The trail once used by locals to travel is now the greatest hiking adventure you’ll get if you visit Cinque Terre.

#4 Pompeii

pompeii - Top 5 places to visit in ItalyPompeii has regained the status of the most attractive historical place in Italy. It was once buried in a massive volcanic eruption, which took down the entire city and its historical legacy. It’s a true treat to history lovers since you’ll be able to see the remains of an ancient Roman city with its unique lifestyle and activities.

#5 Florence

When it comes to the arts, magical Florence is the right place to start. The home to many artists, Florence holds some of the greatest pieces of art in the world. It’s a showcase of the Italian Renaissance, which will remind you of a large museum. You’ll definitely enjoy its breathtaking sceneries.