turrk - The Turkish in Vienna: in the bookstore

The Turkish in Vienna: in the bookstore

The capital of the empire, the Christian army against the turkish army, two months of siege, a wonderful Sunday of glory.

“Thus he began the great battle around the walls of Vienna. It was the 12, on Sunday auspicious day for Christians. At four in the morning, King John with his son Jakub served personally and devoutly the Mass celebrated by Brother Mark in camaldolese chapel. The fight lasted until evening and ends triumphantly freed in Vienna; dawn the next day, under the full hall of the grand vizier captured by his troops who were looting the Ottoman court, John III was able to write a triumphant letter to his royal consort. It ended well, after two long months, the nightmare of the siege the first city of the Holy Roman Empire and capital of the territorial hereditary Hapsburg team. With it, the last Great Fear caused by an Ottoman assault on a Christendom, however, anything but united. ”

France’s Sun King has remained aloof, hostile. The Russia of Peter the Great attended warily. England, the Baltic world, the same Catholic Spain remained far from the theater of war that saw the cross combat crescent. Only a Muslim monarch, the Shah of Persia, seems to rejoice unreservedly for the defeat of the Ottoman colleague.
It was a really great day, that 12 September 1683, fundamental to the history of modern Europe