3 - What can the US students take from their Italian classmates regarding math

What can the US students take from their Italian classmates regarding math

Math is one of the most difficult subjects that many students are interested in because there are lots of difficult equations and theories to solve that may put a lot of pressure on your brain and most of the times students end up with a wrong answer after doing lots of effort and struggle. This makes math the most difficult and boring subject and most of the students try to run away from this subject as long as possible.

But the problem is that they cannot get rid of this subject at all because it is the most important part of their academic career. Whether you’re a science student or art student, you’ll be bound to choose the math in your subject. So, there is no way of running away from this subject. The reason why most of the students fail to understand the equations is that there are plenty of riddles and puzzles involved in this subject that may blast your mind.

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In this case, the only solution is to take help from someone who is very good on this subject. Usually, the sharp students do not show much interest in explaining difficult things to the dull students. However, a recent research has shown that Italians are good at understanding the difficulties of the math faster than others. And the good thing is that they are always interested in helping others understand the difficulties in an easy way.

If you have some Italian friends around you, you must be very happy because now you can solve all your math equations without getting into any kind of trouble. Here are some basic ideas that can be used to take help from the Italian friends without disturbing them.

Taking a lecture daily

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You may make a group of friends to take a lecture from a sharp Italian student. All you need to do is set up a proper time for the lecture daily so that your Italian friend may not find it difficult to teach you. You can schedule this time during the recess where your friend will explain the difficult things while sitting in the cafe and during that you can offer him some snacks and drinks as well.

Asking for notes

If your Italian friend doesn’t have enough time to give you a lecture, you may ask him to provide you the notes he has taken during the lecture. These notes will also help you understand many difficult equations in a few minutes. And if you face some difficulty in understanding a few equations, you may ask your friend to help you out. And he won’t feel any difficulty in explaining some equations. Thus, you can easily find the solution to your Math homework answers without any problem.

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But you must keep in mind that you should not copy their notes completely but you must try to understand their work and then try to solve it by yourself. Otherwise, you’ll face a lot of difficulties during the exam and your friend won’t be there to help you solve the problems.

Tips on how to learn Italian fast

Worried about not knowing the Italian? Don’t be! There are some great tips and hacks on learning the Italian fast. If you’re planning a trip soon, take 30 minutes of your time daily to practice the language. And with these tips, you’ll be ready to go.

Tip #1

The greatest secret in learning the foreign language is to work on the vocabulary. However, it’s not something you can do once in a blue moon. You need to set up the daily routine of learning 10 or 20 new words, making you learn the language faster.

Tip #2

Another thing you should pay attention to is the pronunciation. The Italian pronunciation is straightforward to master. There are few simple rules you need to memorize, and after that, you’re pretty much set. An excellent way to practice the Italian pronunciation is by listening to the native speakers. You can find some great videos on Youtube.

learn italian fastTip #3

Grammar is something that you learn on the road, but in the case of the Italian grammar, you should set some time to master it before you start speaking the language. The Italian grammar is quite simple to understand, and it’s very similar to English grammar. If you take the time to learn it, you’ll overcome that speaking barrier many new learners have.

Tip #4

Listening to Italian music, radio or films will help you to get the feeling of the language. Since every language has its rhythm and melody, it’s important to listen to it daily and to get used to it. Once you try shadowing (mimicking the Italian speech), you’ll be surprised with the speed you learned Italian.

Tip #5

learn italian fast

Practice real-time conversation with native speakers. Only 15 minutes of speaking the Italian with a native speaker will get you to the point to master the language in just a few months. So, find yourself a learning partner – if you can’t find a native speaker, try with someone who is close to that level.

Remember: you’ll have some trouble in the beginning, but don’t give up. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – Italians actually like when someone is trying to learn their language, so they’ll make you that extra support you need to overcome one of the most melodic and poetic languages in the world.

Top 5 places to visit in Italy

Italy is one of the most visited places on Earth, and yet it still manages to surprise us with its beauty. The place where once grew a mighty Roman Empire, and a home to many artists, musicians, composers, actors, directors, and scientists, Italy offers a stunningly vast option of places you can visit. It was hard to choose, but here are the top five places to visit in Italy.

#1 Italian Lake District

italian lake district

Ancient Romans were the first to explore the idea of building a tourist offer on Italian lakes. The famous ones, like Lake Como, Lake Garda or Lago Maggiore (which means “Big Lake”), makes an exciting tour for both first-time visitors and the ones that I’ve been to Italy. The northern part of the Lake District ends with mountains, while the southern part is flatter than the north. This will give you breathtaking scenery and views to enjoy.

#2 Venicevenice

It may sound like a cliche, but you can’t get enough of visiting Venice. Thanks to its unique position (the city rests on a lagoon), this archipelago will give you a mixture of tradition, history, and Italian lifestyle, all in one. And it’s a special place for all the lovebirds in the world, too. Don’t forget the Grand Canal or a gondola ride, because that’s something Venice is known about.

#3 Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is a name which stands for five villages that are located on a steep, rocky side of the Mediterranean coast. It was impossible to reach the area until a railway came along. The trail once used by locals to travel is now the greatest hiking adventure you’ll get if you visit Cinque Terre.

#4 Pompeii

pompeiiPompeii has regained the status of the most attractive historical place in Italy. It was once buried in a massive volcanic eruption, which took down the entire city and its historical legacy. It’s a true treat to history lovers since you’ll be able to see the remains of an ancient Roman city with its unique lifestyle and activities.

#5 Florence

When it comes to the arts, magical Florence is the right place to start. The home to many artists, Florence holds some of the greatest pieces of art in the world. It’s a showcase of the Italian Renaissance, which will remind you of a large museum. You’ll definitely enjoy its breathtaking sceneries.